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From Sketch to Runway: The Path of Emerging fashion For Print Culture

In the world of urban fashion, a space where our voices are often overlooked voices like Destiny Jeffries, Shaquita Sledge, Chanel Owens, Mariyah Gray, Kid Fusion, and Ramara O'Bryant will shine brightly In the world of fashion. These brands are a part of print culture collective curated by LRF

Destiny Jeffries, affiliated with HOME SCHOOL,

Shaquita Sledge, part of F.A.A.M (Family and Always Money),

Chanel Owens, associated with CZY,

Mariyah Gray, from FELICE-ELON,

Kid Fusion, of KID FUSION,

Ramara O'Bryant, affiliated with HOE-EY BEHAVIOR,

George & Regina Moore (CEO & COO) of Legacy Reentry Foundation a non for profit has been the instrumental piece in nurturing these creatives & their visions. They entrusted “Dante Brooks” co owner of brand new store “IYKYK”  in downtown Waukegan  IL in bringing this vision to life.

Brooks said this class has helped him realize the effect he can make creatively in the community and hope to do more work like this in the future
. Helping & molding this group has been life changing experience, Brooks said.

“Robin Evette” of the pillow talk podcast, lake county media group and works as the marketing director for the foundation. She works side by side with Brooks as the supervisor of the class, she’s plays a crucial role in the background work and connections that have made these ventures possible for these dreamers. Her commitment to excellence & industry standard has kept all parties involved on point.

As these individuals continue on their fashion  journeys, they serve as a reminder of the power of passion, dedication, and innovation in shaping a better future for themselves and those around them. Their stories inspire others to dream big and work hard, knowing that with the right mindset and determination, anything is possible with an idea and opportunity.

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