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North Chicago Top 50 Men Football & B-Ball Players In History.

Carlos “BoyLosCrazy” Smith a grad from North Chicago High had a brilliant idea to create a list of who (HE) thought were the top athletes in men basketball and football at NCCHS located in the northern suburbs In Illinois. Smith mission is to help create some type of hall of fame for the school eventually but he felt this was a great start in honoring the men in these two sports programs. 1717 Seventeenth St has created legends In almost every era since it’s opening in the 50’s, so creating this list he involved former players and coaches to help decide who made the final list. This was very carefully created and he knows some may be rubbed the wrong way if not included but he understood that starting the process of honoring was important. He plans to create legends list for each sport men & women by the end of summer 22. So Stay Tuned into TheCrazyRiotshow on Facebook for more information.

Here’s the list below:

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